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Do you need to get more from your brand and marketing? Do you need to gain an advantage over your competitors? This fully-funded workshop features a wealth of practical exercises, examples and discussions on the chemistry of brands, what they mean and how marketing can get you ahead of the competition.

The course will explore branding within the world of small business and is designed to help business owners understand what creates a strong, clear brand image and how to apply a concise, compelling narrative to your marketing to engage new and inspire existing customers.

Our advisers will discuss and answer some fundamental questions, including:
- How well do you understand your customers and what drives their behaviour?
- Which consumer audience should you focus on and what specific actions should you take?
- How can you unleash the creativity of your employees, so they become a part of your marketing?
- Is there something you can be doing that could change your organisation?
- What are the cost-effective ways to market a business?
- How can you successfully utilise digital and online media to your advantage?

Date:- Tuesday 25 February 2020
Time:- 09:30 – 16:30
Location:- Bangor University, Reichel Hall, Bangor LL57 2TR

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