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18/08/2020 - LLWYDDO'N LLEOL 2050

You may already be aware of the Llwyddo'n Lleol project, which has been offering specialist and financial support to 14 young entrepreneurs for the past two months. While entrepreneurship will continue to be one of the project's top priorities, Llwyddo'n Lleol is evolving: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WCKZFP3. The aim of this questionnaire is to gather information on any existing or new challenges or opportunities facing businesses, companies or organizations across Gwynedd and Anglesey. The response will allow us to explore the potential of collaborating through the Llwyddo'n Lleol project in an attempt to respond directly to these particular challenges and opportunities.

Therefore, if this questionnaire is relevant to you, it would be much appreciated if you could spare 2 minutes to complete it.

If the questionnaire isn’t directly relevant, then we would be extremely grateful if you could share it with any relevant contacts; businesses, companies and organisations.

Thank you very much in advance

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